IkaEikha Who Cares: No one is perfect.

Sunday, May 6

No one is perfect.

The truth is : Everyone is going to hurt you.
Have you feel really down of what people say something about you that really hurt you inside ? #tipu lah kalau takpenah kan. All this time, I don't care what people say about me. And I keep thinking #suka hati dia lah. But couple of day ago, there's this girl talk something that really hurt me inside. I honestly feel really mad and I swear I wanna punch her on the face, I would do that if that really make me any better.

Although, she's apologize but it still running through my head. How can I forgive her when I'm hurt a lot ? The issues that she talked to it's really sensitive. I can deal with what people say about me because you know you can't really shut people mouth but I have my limits of course yet I know who I am and I really happy with who I am, that's the only matter.

For me, there's no point of explaining because it's not like they are going to believe you anyway, but I do really feel it's kinda ridiculous and funny when people doesn't know you at all judge you from where you came from or the way you wear, and the way you talk instead of get to know you first. However, I can't put the blame on them from judging me. Perhaps, they're insecure about diri sendiri, and startes to point out my flaws .
Thank you really to those that acctually have time oto point out my flaws, I really appreciate it, If that makes you better to point out others people flaws, teruskan if that brings you happiness, it's free country after all but one thing I want to ask people that talk shit about me

Here, How is it feels like when I said your parents doesn't teach you well because you're foolish enough to know that nobody is perfect and people make a mistakes or maybe your parents doesn't bothered to teach you about life . It must be really hurt huh ?

P/s : Hate me for who I am , I don’t care . At least I’m not pretending to be someone I’m not

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