IkaEikha Who Cares

Friday, October 3


I hate speaking about my feelings to people. They'll just tell me 'calm down, everything's gonna be okay' .. But hell no. Things just get worse. Honestly, I'm really in trouble now. I really dont need pain now. I don't want to feel anything anymore. Yes. I'm fatigued of always being there for people, but guess what they do? They just disappoint me. I want to feel numb again, I really miss waking in the morning with a big smile, having my morning coffee calmly. And just worry about NOTHING.But at this same point, so much to think about. I'm so so so so tired :( Oh God, whatever test you giving me now, I hope it's worth to think about.

*Take me away my imaginary friends, from this cruel world, cruel people. 
Please take me far far far away and keep me safe.

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