IkaEikha Who Cares: I am the luckiest girl on earth :)

Monday, March 12

I am the luckiest girl on earth :)

Honestly i am so happy, every time i look at my photo album when i was a baby, i mean a cute baby,old picture with my family,siblings and friends also, i smile for no reason.. Yes sometimes i miss that moment a lot.
Maybe my life is not perfect like others but i think i am the luckiest girl on earth. And i believe that 'I don't carry lucky charms, but I believe in those things'.. I've found that luck is predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances but perfect? No, my life is nowhere near to perfect..
I must say I've been through a lot and life gonna get harder when I'm older. My life is never perfect like you people expected. sorry to disappoint but really, our life is never perfect.. My life is a completely crazy like a roller coaster but I've never wished to have a perfect life but one thing that I wish for is to be happy .. I personally thinks that being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you decided to look beyond imperfections :)
Sure, I've been through tough times but do I get sad and down for what had happened? Yes, of course but not for long because for me there's no point of sitting in the corner and cry about it and says how hard life is but whenever I started to complained about life, I think of people that who has two times problems than me so it open my eyes that no one life is actually perfect. As the matter of fact, I've never actually take life too seriously I mean come on nobody gets out alive anyway. So if you think your life is perfect? think twice now.

But anyway, sometimes when i fall, i need my family friends and the most important Allah to hold on too .. I am so lucky because i have them. People who always be beside me :') .. I fall in love with them again again and again .. I am very thankful and blessed to have people like them .. I couldn't imagine how my life's gonna be without them.

I love them so much but i can't describe it.. They are my inspiration, my happiness , my biggest supporters. They are my preciuos! I love you abahmama, siblings, all my superduper friend. So i found my happiness, you all are mine . FOREVER! Thanks all .. One heart for you guys, big love from fie 

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