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Thursday, March 8

Unforgettable .

No matter how old we are, we all needs affection.I know I'm young but I know love. When I was younger, I've always believe in love. Well blame it all on the books and movies for keep my expectations high on love. As I grow older I stopped believe in it because I realize life isn't like a movie. So then I started to pushed people away from me because most of people that I know, they talk love that potty.
I get really scared of getting hurt and I tried so hard to not fall in love with anyone because you know some people doesn't know what's love really mean. Yes it's quaint really for a young girl to talk about love but trust me, age is just a number and by looking at my parents and love birds out there , I know what love is. When I said 'I tried so hard to not fall in love with anyone' I know, the truth is I can't avoid being in love because eventually I will.

There's this guy who changed my mind, A very special guy. A guy who took my breath away and make me speechless whenever I talked to him. He's not ordinary guy, He's different. He always being mean and make fun of me but I don't exactly know why I still adore him .I get really scared when I realize that I truly like him, I tried so hard to avoid this feelings but the more I try the more I fall for him.

All this time, I've been holding back. I never actually have the guts to tell someone when I really like a person .I maybe a girl but I have a big ego and that's the only thing been stopping me all this time I've been thinking a lot these days . I'm tired of living this way, I'm tired of pushing people away. I don't want to lose anyone anymore because of my ego and I definitely doesn't want to lose him, the special guy.
Special guy , if you're reading this . I just wanna let you know that I deeply like you and don't mind being just friends with you as long as you are willing to stay in my life cause the most thing that I fear is when people left and never come back . I never plan to fall for you but I did not afraid to tell the world . I'm sorry for expressing my feelings here . I would love to tell this in front of you if I have a chance :)
Special guy, please don't be in love with someone else . You know I don't easily trust people with my feeling . So when I trust you with all I've got , please don't make me regret it ! Last , please stay with me . THE END :)
Lot of love : Eika

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