IkaEikha Who Cares: Here’s how I motivate SPM students

Tuesday, March 6

Here’s how I motivate SPM students

Hey peeps. Do you have someone you really really hate? (preferably someone stupider than you, those typical girl who no aim in life and bla bla bla) Do you abhor her so much you want to be better than her in everything? Guys here’s your chance. Maybe not everything, but that’s not possible .. She may be a better asshole than you. *shrug The 
truth is, anyone can be pretty .. I have thinking Angelina Jolie is pretty (yes, so is Queen Elizabeth’s arse) For that reason, sometimes the term ‘pretty’ can be rather overrated. And okay laa, sometimes my self-esteem damn low, I keep thinking I’m ugly
But if there’s one thing I know, I can study. My brain is the one thing I have and I’ll be damned if I can only get a few A’s and so I exhort myself to study! Whenever I feel like reaching for the remote, I pull myself back and I study, intoning that I must get my 10 A’s to acquire gloating rights. I must I must I must! (Throughout my life I have gotten nothing but straight A’s laaaa -.-)

Come on SPM candidates, I know you can do it. Maybe it's not to late to move on .. For the sake of humiliating your enemy and also to make your family proud. Go pick up your drool-covered Sejarah book and study! Feasibly this image will facilitate..
You : Hey how many A’s did you get in your SPM? *hold snigger*
Asyar : *soft whisper* None -.-
You: What? What’s that? I can’t hear you. You’re gonna have to speak up.
Asyar : NONE!!!! *jumps off second-floor window* *hits flowerpot* *family mourns for flowers*
So you can imagine right ? Oh btw, sorry if your name is Asyar 

P/s : Do me a favor. If I ever get 8A’s, do not – I repeat DO NOT – come and congratulate me, saying that’s good enough. 8A’s is not good enough. I have ten fucking subjects. I want ten sucking A’s or else nothing is good enough. 

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